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Sun 30 October - Fri 4 November 2016 Amsterdam, Netherlands

CWI SWAT at SPLASH'16Wed 26 Oct 2016

The CWI Software Analysis and Transformation (SWAT) group researches techniques and tools to make software easier to understand and create. This year at SPLASH, the group is well represented with some interesting papers and presentations! In chronological order:

Also in terms of organization we are contributing to this year’s SPLASH: Jurgen Vinju is steering committee chair of SLE, served in the PC of SLE’16, and is the SPLASH sponsorship chair; Pablo Inostroza was part of the PC of LWC@SLE’16; Aggelos Biboudis started co-organizing the Scala Symposium 2016 while he was interning at CWI. I myself served in the PCs of OOPSLA’16, GPCE’16, META and Scala’16; act as general chair of SLE’16, co-organize DSLDI’16 (with Eric Walkinshaw), LWC@SLE (with Markus Völter, Meinte Boersma and Eugen Schindler), and SPLASH-I (with Eelco Visser); last but not least, I do the publicity for SPLASH (with Ron Garcia).

Some noteworthy facts about some of the papers we’ll be presenting:

So, if you want to know more, attend our talks! In the mean time, follow us on Twitter to stay up-to-date: @alex_sug4r, @aserebrenik, @biboudis, @jstoel, @jurgenvinju, @loopingoptimism, @metalinguist, @tvdstorm. By the way, we have some open positions! If you want to work with us, contact Jurgen.