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Sun 30 October - Fri 4 November 2016 Amsterdam, Netherlands

The ALIGNED project is funded by the EU Horizon-2020 programme, bringing together researchers and user communities in model-driven software engineering and in semantic technologies and linked data, aiming to improve the quality and efficiency of engineering workflows in data-intensive activities. The project is developing semantically-aware model-driven tooling, extending the existing Booster system and Model Catalogue for integration with Linked Data ontologies and datasets. This tutorial on Semantically-Aware Model-Driven Engineering will provide an introduction to these tools, including hands-on experience.

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Mon 31 Oct
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10:30 - 12:10: SA-MDE - Session 1: ALIGNED, The Metadata Catalogue and Booster at Basel
Chair(s): Jeremy GibbonsUniversity of Oxford, UK
samde201610:30 - 10:55
Day opening
Jeremy GibbonsUniversity of Oxford, UK
samde201610:55 - 11:20
Christian DirschlWolters Kluwer, Germany
samde201611:20 - 11:45
James WelchUniversity of Oxford
samde201611:45 - 12:10
Seyyed ShahUniversity of Oxford
13:30 - 15:10: SA-MDE - Metadata Catalogue: Demos and Hands-on at Basel
Chair(s): James WelchUniversity of Oxford
samde201613:30 - 14:20
samde201614:20 - 15:10
15:40 - 17:20: SA-MDE - Booster: Hands On at Basel
Chair(s): Seyyed ShahUniversity of Oxford
samde201615:40 - 16:13
samde201616:13 - 16:46
samde201616:46 - 17:20
Day closing
Jeremy GibbonsUniversity of Oxford, UK


With the model-driven development (MDD) approach to software, rather than building each system from scratch, one specifies a metamodel covering a whole class of similar systems, provides a universal generator to transform metamodel instances into executable programs, and specifies each system by a higher-level model conforming to the metamodel. When the application domain concerns semantically rich datasets—with structured entities, interlinked data, and sophisticated integrity constraints—then the MDD tools should support this richness: in the metamodel, in individual system models, and in the generation process. In this tutorial, we present the Model Catalogue and Semantic Booster, tools respectively for curating and exploiting semantically rich data in a MDD workflow, which are under development as part of ALIGNED. Participants will learn what the tools can do, gain hands-on experience with using them, and be able to contribute challenges and suggestions for future development.