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Sun 30 October - Fri 4 November 2016 Amsterdam, Netherlands
Tue 1 Nov 2016 14:20 - 14:45 at Luzern - Session 2 Chair(s): Markus Völter

Racket espouses the view that full-fledged problem solving almost always calls for language design. In support of this view, it implements a notion of linguistic reuse, which allows programmers to rapidly develop and deploy new programming languages. Together with DrRacket, its IDE, the Racket ecosystem thus makes up a true language workbench. This paper demonstrates Racket’s capabilities with an implementation of the 2016 Language Workbench Challenge. Building on a concise implementation of MiniJava, it shows how it is easy it is to add new notation, constrain constructs, and create IDE tools.

Racket (LWCSLE16_paper_3.pdf)407KiB