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Sun 30 October - Fri 4 November 2016 Amsterdam, Netherlands

Planning Your AttendanceMon 24 Oct 2016

Dear SPLASH 2016 attendee,

It is less than a week before we get started with SPLASH 2016 in Amsterdam. Here are some useful pointers for planning your attendance.

Getting Around

The conference website provides some useful information about getting to Amsterdam and the conference venue:


That page also provides information about getting around in Amsterdam using public transport.

If you have some time to spare in Amsterdam, here is a list of highlights to visit in the city:


Planning Your Attendance

In this paperless mobile device age, we will not be handing out a program on paper. The complete program of the conference is now available on the website at:


The page provides faceted search to allow you to zoom in to some part (day, room, track) of the program. The program page should work well on mobile devices (bring your tablet!) and should be usable with limited WIFI.

To ease your life during the conference, you can plan ahead with the personal scheduling feature of the website. By ‘starring’ interesting talks you can compose your own personal schedule. Use your researchr account to attach your personal schedule to your account so that you can always access it. (If you have ever had a paper, PC membership, or such at any SIGPLAN conference in the recent past, you probably have an account; otherwise you can sign up for an account.)

If you don’t want to (just) rely on the website you can download a PDF with the program from the program page using the print icon. The feature produces a print for the program selected with the facets. (Use save-as-PDF rather than actually printing the entire program!)

Keynotes & SPLASH-I

We will start each day at 8:30. But getting up early will be worth your while, as we have a great line-up of keynote speakers:


Let me also draw your attention to this year’s SPLASH-I speakers:


This year SPLASH-I runs in parallel with the program from Monday to Friday and we have folded tutorials and demonstrations into this track.


The proceedings of the conference are now available. You can download the PDFs of papers by following the DOI links in the program. You can download the PDFs of papers for free from the ACM Digital Library during the conference. For many of the tracks the PDFs are already accessible.

You can also download the entire proceedings of the conference:


(This is only available for registered participants who will get an email with username and password.)

Food at the Conference

This year food at SPLASH is different than what you may be used to. You should not count on breakfast at the conference. Plan to have breakfast in your hotel or somewhere else. On the other hand, we will provide lunch at the conference. So there is no need to go out on a hunt for restaurants. And of course there will be coffee and tea during the breaks at 10:00 and at 15:10.

Social Events

There will be several social events during the conference:

On Monday and Wednesday we will have poster receptions with some 60 posters, drinks, and snacks. A great opportunity to informally meet your co-attendees.

On Thursday we move to the Beurs van Berlage for the SPLASH banquet.

We end the conference on Friday afternoon after Guy Steele’s SPLASH-I keynote with the traditional Ice Cream Social.

Blogging at SPLASH 2016

Do you want to share your experience at SPLASH? The website provides a blog that you can contribute to (using your researchr account):


We will also use the blog for announcements during the conference.